Historic Timeline

The first humans arrived in Florida about 14,000 years ago. They found a land that extended far out into the Gulf of Mexico. The present Citrus County shore line was at that time almost 200 feet above sea level. We don't know very much about these early nomadic people.

The Crystal River Archaeological State Park gives the first glimpse at the earliest settlements in Citrus County. For approximately 1,600 years (200 B.C. until A.D. 1400), people of the Deptford culture appear to have occupied this site. The 14 acre six mound complex is one of the most imposing prehistoric ceremonial centers on Florida's west coast.

When exploring the documented history of Citrus County, we are looking at a relatively short time span of less than 190 years. The first pioneers arrived in the 1810s. Only after the Civil War did more people move into this frontier region between the Withlacoochee River and the Gulf of Mexico.

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